Moving and sunsetting this site!

Hello everyone! It's been a long long time since I did any major updates to this site.I will be sunsetting this site and domain in a few weeks.For now, you can find me at drawing boxes,Jeff

My time theory epiphany

Another sleepless night --> lead me to read social news --> which lead me to read through all the fuss about gravitational waves --> which then got me to look up an old Facebook post I did last year January 5th when I woke up with an epiphany about gravity and time (and no - I had not watched interstellar yet then). Sharing it here... since.. Why not? If you get inspired by this or whatever, just let me know.. It all made perfect sense to me then haha

Hurray for Marriage Equality!

To celebrate this wonderful aknowledgement for freedom and universal love, what better than to remember the web color hex values for those 7 symbolic colors:


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